WARNING: NYO3.0/NYO4.0 Cracked version is SCAM!

Don't waste money on this. People who sell cracked versions are thiefs.


Do NOT waste money on cracked version


Buying NYO4.0 crack is killing further development!

This can lead to stopping NYO development and closing the whole carradio.sk.

After then no updates would be available.

Carradio.sk is not Micro$oft or IBM. Cracked version of our software can kill our bussines.


Still want to buy illegal software?

Please read the following post which can be found here: misc.invest.marketplace


"This pirate's name is Vladislav Vladimirovich NADTOKA. He is
located in Zaporojie, The Ukraine. Here's how he oprates his scam.
After you give him your money, he uploads files for you compressed in
RAR format. But he doesn't give you the password to unarchive them,
so any files are unusable. Any emails you send him asking for the
password will be ignored. At some point you'll probably get angry
enough to send him a nasty email. At this point he'll then respond by
pretending that he never got any of your emails for the password and
that it's your ISP's fault, even though you had no problems receiving
any previous emails from him, even if you have turned off any junk
mail filters with your ISP, and even if you send him email from a web-
based email account as such Yahoo. He'll then claim to be hurt by
your nasty email, at which point he'll try to extort additional money
from you for the password in order to ease his hurt feelings. Do you
really want to take the chance with your money and do business with
this THIEF?
", iphonetraderman