Motorola Programmer

More informations... Database software for unlockers:
  • Read, Write, Verify EEPROM
  • Read ROM
  • Support: BIN, HEX, S19, E2P, EEF files
  • Unlimited undo
  • Find, GoTo, Fill Selection function
  • Direct HEX, DEC, BIN data edit
  • ASCII view
  • SwapBytes 16/32 function
  • Color schemes
  • Display values as colors
  • Friendly user interface
  • < 300 KBytest

BlueProg for Motorola processors



More informations... Tool for remove mesage LOCK13 or LOCKED13 on display of radio FORD:
  • support for serie FORD3000/4000
  • support for serie FORD2500/3500/4500
  • support for serie FORD5000/6000/7000
  • support for Mercedes TruckLine CC20/40/60 by VISTEON
  • Connected to radio via external plug on rear side of radio
  • PC computer is not need
  • Works without opening radio (Not all new radio)
  • Use 9V batery fo power (not include in package)
  • detailed manual with more examples and pictures included
Price: € 130

TMS 375 Serial Programmer

TMS 375 Programmer:
  • Serial Port Communication
  • Works also in ISP mode - no MCU desoldering needed!!!
  • R/W two bank of EEPROM
  • Open/Save file
  • Hardware for in-circuit and for out-circuit (with PLCC44 socket) included
Price: €100

SelfCheck tester Motorola HC05B6

SelfCheck tester let's you:
  • test full range function of 68HC05B6 on PLCC52 socket
  • test is very easy and speedy
  • check also EEPROM ,then Lock bit will be erased
  • check without EEPROM ,then eeprom contens will be not changed
  • when is selected EEPROM test ,then Lock bit is erased and device is ready for new programming
  • table with error code's include
  • Works without a PC
Price: €85

ST Programmer for processors ST6245/6249/6240

ST programmer alows you next:
  • Reading internal EEPROM in mode in-circuit (ISP)
  • Programming internal EEPROM in mode in-circuit (ISP)
  • Reading internal EPROM in mode in-circuit (when ROM is not secured)
  • Connection programmer with target circuit is provide via 7 wire's
  • ST6245 includes example: dashboard Renaul Twingo BORG and VDO (old models)
  • ST6240 includes example: dashboard Renaul Twingo VDO (new models)
  • ST6249 includes example: dashboard Alfa Romeo, FIAT Veglia B. and Magneti M. and others
  • all diagrams connections is inside in package
  • Software works under Windows OS
  • Hardware is connected via LPT port to PC
  • very detailed manual is include with more examples ,and detailed connections with schematic diagrams and photos!
Price: €110
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